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Ai poker thoughts.

Good day GambleTalk,

I came across an article at The Guardian which describes how bot named Pluribus was engineered and how pro players had no chances of winning, playing against it. This article made me dig into the subject and go through a lot of Ai Poker info.

There was also a bot Libratus, which is used in the US Army, you can read an article about it here.

Those two bots, were made by companies, who I belive had only one idea making it - research and science and had no intent in using it in online poker. Sadly, we live in the world, where money means more, than decency and of course this research gave birth to many bots, with only one idea - get profit.

Although big companies try to do something about it, like Pokerstars, PartyPoker and others but I truly believe, that it's not enough.

All the news about fighting Ai at poker sites either old or have no specific info, which kind of tell me one thing - thier fight is unsuccesful. Poker bots at the same time had grown into a big industry and are promoted with out disguise. You can easily find and buy one online, with out using secret Tor websites, some of the companies, who sell bots have Twitter accounts.

Those bots have updates released every week and this is the biggest evidence showing, that it is being used succesfully. How many updates do poker rooms do? Bots use screen capture method to find the right buttons to click, the graphics at most sites never change, even if changed you can switch back to the old lay out easily, which makes no sence if you do it to prevent Ai gaming. If you do it for cosmetic reasons, well, I'd really appreciate more effort towards fair play, rather new layouts.

I doubt the fact, that soon is the day, when poker bots will be out of play due to any reason, because what I saw, leaves no chances to poker sites and I believe they don't want to spend time fighting it much. All this info at Pokerstars channel about their super technologies and 60 people in so called 'game integrity team' working to prevent unfair play sounds like bullshit to me. Yeah right, Stars have only 500 employees!

You can adjust bot to play any style, any amount of time, random time to click buttons, even make it loose and many more functions, that make it completly undetectable by the poker rooms.

Here is a short video, that shows how it looks and this video is new. This bot as I found out is the hottest on the market right now, can play any poker site and can play tournaments.

From over three days of going through this AI poker bots topic, I found only one way to avoid playing against bots.

Since all of them are made to crush NLH, any kind of tables, doesn't matter 9max or HU - Just play Omaha, Stud, Badugi or other games and there is little chance you will meet one.

Hope this was usefull and not too sad,

Best of luck!


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Julianna user
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topic of AI and bots is so interesting and unknown for many people!

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