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Adjustments to my game at MTT Pokerstars

Hello Gambletalk,

I have been playing pretty much same tournament strategy all my life and made very few changes to it, because I really saw no need for it. Now I feel, that my gameplay needs adjustments and it's main reason - many recreational players.

What changed, when so many players arrived at Pokerstars, because of the quarantine? I see more cold calls and limpers. Many players don't understand, that tournaments are long and their game change after 5-6 hours from tight to push any two, just because they got tired or need to go. Also I saw a lot of players call or push all-in with hands that are auto fold for most of us and this is still a question for me, why? Favorite hands or they just don't care?

What changes I've made:

1) Increase the preflop raise sometimes to 4.5bb, before I had 2-2.25bb. 2bb works only close to final table.

2) Three bet now I do x4.5, sometimes x6. This seems to work more, than usuall x3.

3) Never check-raise, always bet all streets and again bet big! If before I had 27% flop, 47% turn and 67% river, now I do 47% flop, 75% turn, 100% river or more.

4) Bluffs are minimised to a very little amount and only if I have a very good read on the opponent.

5) Play less Hold'em and more mixed games. This is because of the amount of players, that are registered, it's just a very big field nowdays in Hold'em MTT. 10k-30k easily.

Hope this was usefull and let me know what you think.

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