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Aces cracked compilation

Good day Cardmates,

Yesterday session was brutal, I was playing HU with one player from Poland and got a lot of his leaks written down, untill the table got full. This session I managed to crack 3 Aces, two of the hands you can witness below:

1) I defended big blind, guy overplayed his aces, by shoving turn. I had no other choice but calling.

2) 4bet pot, I hit monster flop and the player shoved right away.

3) I couldn't find a hand, but clearly remember it, I had 95s on SB, I make a 3bet and get two callers, flop 55K, I check, one player raise, other push, I call. Flop raiser folds and we take the chips. Guy shows aces.

Never over play your aces, it's just a pair.

Best of luck,



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