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About the project

Cardmates’ values are communication, friendship, mutual understanding, sociality and technologies. Our task was not to create the forum, but our mission was to create an independent Empire, where there is no king, no prime-minister; where there is no place for self-interest and inequality. We have a justice and democracy. Only the healthy competitiveness, zeal towards the poker heights and the love of green felt are prospering here. We had been creating this project exclusively for You, for Everyone who is capable of accepting these values.

We are looking forward to the participatory development, we would like Everyone who has an interest in the “GAME” could participate in the creation of a new communication format, new generation of the poker philosophy, Poker as an art, hobby, profession and the meaning of life. And we are giving this opportunity for everyone.

You should know that there is a place where you will always be understood and supported. We are sure that you will find such place right here...