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A place to move to...not forever!

Good day Cardmates,

I made a decision today to switch back to nigth poker shifts, eventhough I switched back from it to a regular schedule not long ago. First and main reason, because night time I can fully dedicate myself to the game and get mininmum disturbed. I know it's harmfull and etc, but you got to sacrifice in order to get max out of it. Plus now is not much to sacrifice, not counting health, which is most importatnt, but I am sure it won't harm me much. Been there, done that. Yeah, might sound foolish, but can't think of any other way out.

While trying to fall asleep, I had a thought of making a move out of Russia for few years. I'm not going to make it long and write why, many reasons, I will tell you about where I stopped my fingers on the globe.

1 - Belarus, lol I know. Sounds like downshifting, but main reason - opened casinos and few  friends.

2 - China, even more funny, especially after all this virus.  My business is mainly connected with China and I already lived there for a month, which was a cool experience.

3 - Iceland. The only negatiive I heard about Iceland is that it's kinda expensive and boring threre.

4 - Kaliningrad, yeah I know it's not other country, but still kinda like the idea.

5 - USA, it's the hardest and probably not happening, eventhough my folks are there.

As you can see the list is very different and it's still a subject to change.

What you think?

I'd appreciate if it will be more, than just a name of the place.

Best of luck!


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Julianna user
User's aura Julianna 552

I believe it's nice idea to move to Bali.

And Deviles2006 can surely help u with some advice))

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SanSan1Time user
User's aura SanSan1Time 1138

Yeah, sounds nice. Let's all move to Bali)

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