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888Caption review

888caption picture

​888Caption is a tool designed to facilitate the 888poker players’ life.

It doesn’t do anything supernatural, doesn’t display detailed statistics on the players, it just makes it easier to use the poker room.

Many players already grind along with 888caption.

This is a specific poker software that will suit both amateurs and professionals.

You will not need to pay for the program when playing at limits of NL10/PLO10 and for tournaments with a buy-in of no more than 3$.

There is a monthly trial (a possibility to test the program for free).

In order to activate it you need to log in and select "Request for Trial" in the "License" tab.

An annual subscription costs 25$.

To understand, whether you need the program or not, let’s move to its description.

  • Setting of automatic bet sizing; possibility to make bets in blinds.
  • Hotkeys - you can set hotkeys for management convenience, quick creation and notes configuration.
  • Odds for call and push.
  • SPR, bluff equity, fold equity, pot odds.
  • Information about a tournament in real time.
  • Information about a country of player’s residence.
  • Information about player’s actions on previous streets (by pointing on a player with a mouse cursor):

Player's information at 888caption

  • ​Displaying of stacks in BB (it is useful when playing at different limits and also when moving to another limit: the numbers will not create psychological pressure and you will be able to focus on a game and on making positive decisions).
  • You can hide ads and promotions of 888 poker room.
  • You can cut the bottom uninformative part of the lobby:

Lobby with 888caption

  • Auto-buy-in, auto-rebuy.
  • "Table manager" tool will help you to customize a convenient table placement during multi-tabling.
  • SNG Registrator - automates the registration in tournaments due to your criteria.
  • Table configurations: color, font, window size, players’ nicknames, buttons, pot.

It is recommended to use both applications together. Thus they are complementary to each other by giving you more opportunities.

It should be noted from the start that there are several versions of the application. The first one is designed for playing in all rooms of 888 network and for an old 888poker client. The second one is designed only for playing on 888poker with the latest version of the client.

Download 888 caption.

Since the interface of the program is in English, it can be quite complicated to set it up for beginners. But if you have decided to do it, then go ahead and read our instruction.

First steps:

In order to avoid problems with starting the program in the future, click with the right mouse button on the program icon and put a tick as shown in the photo below right after installing 888poker.exe:

If you work with the first part of the program, then you must enable the animation in the settings of the room (Settings - Game Effects / Game Display - Enable animation; or Parameters / Information during the game / Enable animation).

Next, you have to check whether you have installed time and (IMPORTANT!) time zone on your computer properly. If you miss this item, the inscription "License server is not responding" may appear when starting the application.

Now let's start talking directly about program configuration itself. There are a lot of tabs in the lobby, let's go through each separately.

Betscript 888captiopn Betscript tab

How to configure bet sizing on the preflop?

  • OpenRaise – bets are made on the preflop depending on a position. 1st raise - if you make an open raise. Vs 1 limp - if someone has called the blind (has made a limp).
  • 3Bet - setting of your 3Bet stakes (the bet made after someone already made the first bet before you). IP means that you are in position against the open-raiser, OOP – you are out of the position.
  • 4Bet – selection of 4Bet stake, which will depend directly on the size of the opponent’s 3Bet. You need just to set a multiplier.

The following step – postflop bets configuration:

  • Postflop – setting of bets in a usual pot.
  • Postflop 3Bet pot - setting of bets in a multi-pot.

The "Round bet to" item indicates how the bets will be rounded up.

Push if bet > % of stack – choose when to go all-in depending on the ratio of the opponent's bet size to the size of your stack.

You can set up convenient game management at the table in order to take the necessary actions as fast as possible.

Every action can be implemented by clicking on a button. You can choose which keys will implement certain actions. At multi-tabling the hotkeys will work for the table where a mouse cursor is located.

You can set up HotKeys in such a way that one key will implement several actions (max - 4) depending on which part of the screen the mouse cursor will be at while clicking on keys:

888caption 4 zones

If you select all 4 zones, the button will work regardless of the position of the mouse cursor:

888caption zone's settings

If it is convenient for you to change the bet with the mouse wheel, then put a tick in "Mouse wheel" (Activate) and set up the bet sizing step (in BB, $ or in percentage of a pot).

888caption bets with the mouse

The Betting hotkeys tab will allow you to set up the bet sizes on certain formulas in details:

888caption tab Betting hotkeys

HUD in 888caption

Click on Add new panel, then on Add tag; select stats for displaying in HUD.

Click on Font and Font color buttons to set up the font.

Background – color of background. Click on Invisible to make it transparent.

  • Hide Advertisement – to hide advertising, promotions, offers of the poker-room.
  • Do not hide the lobby after table opening - to prevent minimizing of the tournament lobby when the table opens.
  • Sizable lobby - adjusting the size of the poker-room window.
  • Global HotKeys - fast opening of SNAP-poker, cash-tables and registration in a tournament.
  • Minimize to tray and Start minimized – to minimize the program with icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Attach delay - enable if you want to start the program after opening the room.
  • Tooltips – configuration of displaying the tooltips.
  • Table Cropping
  • New table size & position - adjusting the size and location of tables (for example, if you want to tile your tables or place them otherwise).
  • Auto click timebank - automatic activation of timebank.
  • Remote topmost style - excludes the possibility of glitch appearing when 888poker tables hang over all the windows (it is very important when you play in several rooms simultaneously).
  • Sit out next bb if stack is more than... - is useful when playing according to the middle stack strategy (MSS). When the stack reaches a certain value, you will leave the table automatically.
  • Moving tables holding Left+Right mouse buttons - if you have cropped a top frame of the tables, you can move the windows by pressing left and right mouse buttons simultaneously.

Put ticks above the messages that disturb you when displaying.

«Auto accept all one-buttons dialogs» - when you activate this option, all pop-up windows, which have only one button (ok, agree, familiarized, etc.), will be closed automatically by clicking on this single button.

Buy-in – set up the buy-in by default (in BB).

Auto rebuy (cash) – set up the size of a stack and amount for auto rebuy.

Set up the table light according to the parameters. In order to activate the highlight, put the tick next to Activate.

In "Rule", select the conditions when the table will be highlighted with this color or the other.

The highlight will work with a certain size of stack, pot, time bank, etc.

You can find the rules and set a priority of the highlight on the left. For example, you should place Hero Action (your action) or TimeBank on the top in order to see them first.

Table Manager will be useful during multi-tabling.

You can either leave the default settings or select one of the following variations manually:

  • Stack – an arrangement of tables will be stacked.
  • 3×2 - usual variant which is in the client.
  • 3×2 with activation - the size of the table increases when you point it with a mouse cursor.
  • Mini tile with activation - tables will be even smaller, but they will also increase when pointing.

Put the tick next to “Table stays in active slop until end of hand” for remaining the table active (big) until you make a move.

888caption convert chips

At this tab, you can configure displaying of stacks in the blinds for cash-games or as M number for tournaments, and also you can make that the color of the stack to be changed depending on its size.

In Label item you can select an inscription that will be shown next to the value of the stack.

In "BB decimals" you need to indicate how many symbols you want to see after the comma (2 is put by default).

If you are going to use TableScan Turbo with 888caption, then use an old version of 888caption (888Caption v0.54a) since the application doesn’t support the new one.