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4 hands against calling station...

Hi, Guy!

I played SNG 6-max No-Limit Hold'em yesterday. I play bad against a calling station and don't know when I should bet or just check.

Today I want to show you 4 hands that I played in SNG yesterday.

My opponent was calling station with VPIP 93-100%. He played with all the hands he got.

#1: First bluff catcher...

In this hand, I bet two barrels. On the river, the opponent put a small bet. I didn't believe it and called his bet.

#2: Second bluff catcher

I got a pocket KK. But the flop, turn and river was creepy. But I again did not believe the opponent and I called his bet on the river.

#3: Cooler...

After getting a pocket AA and a set on the river, I was unable to reset in response to an all-in opponent.

#4: Fear...

I got a pocket pair again. When turn gave me a set I got scared and put All-in. Actually it was mistake. I couldn't get my opponent to drop a stronger hand like KT, AA here, and in other cases, I was far ahead.

What are you think about 2 last hands? How would you play them?

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Comments (4)
McFly user
User's aura McFly 164

so hard to play against the calling station!

When turn gave me a set I got scared and put All-in.

But as a result u won, so it was a nice play :)

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Maximus0410 user
User's aura Maximus0410 767

I could get more)))

Maroonfish user
User's aura Maroonfish 636

Interesting story thanks 👍

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Maximus0410 user
User's aura Maximus0410 767

How do you play against the calling station? Are you just checking or raising? 

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